Samipath | Karasjok

Riverboat and Sami culture

Riverboat safari and Sami culture

If you are curious of Sami culture and food, then this tour is perfect for you. In Karasjok the river culture is rich and old. On this trip we will go in dept and tell you all about how the river was a mailroad and very important source for food back in the days. We will take you to a big traditional lavvo and serve you local food and stories from our people.

Requirements: Clothes according the weather

Min/max: 2-40 pers

Included: Sami guide with a broad knowledge of sami culture and living, tradtional sami meal, hot beverage, boat tour with a traditional boat, lifejacket.

Duration: 3-4 hours

Season:  1. June- 15. September


NOK 1200,- per person

Children < age 10, 50 % discount

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